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If you grew up in the UK you will know who Ladbrokes are whether you have placed a bet or not. They have a global image as well just not as instantly recognizable as they are in the UK. They have the title of the oldest still trading bookmaker in the world.
Starting life in the 19th century in the horse racing world you can imagine that most Ladbrokes betting is on horses. This was always the case for much of the time with Ladbrokes, lately though football is stealing that crown. A London stock exchange listed company since 1966 Ladbrokes have had an illustrious corporate history.
There have been many a partnering up with different rivals and connected businesses over the years. Software companies and other bookies the latest of which has made a mega bookie in the shape of Ladbroke Coral Group. How this will affect the market has yet to be seen but it has to have a few worried. Ladbrokes have not made the splash into the online world that they predicted.
There profits have never reached the mark that they expected and it is their terrestrial operations that continue to keep the company in it position of growth.

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Online Bookies Rarely Have Such Pedigree

This is a Ladbrokes review not a history lesson so let’s get on with it. Ladbrokes moved into the online world fairly early and they took their knowledge with them. When it comes to betting at Ladbrokes sports obviously takes precedent. Ladbrokes are a bookies though and will accept a bet on a lot more than sports. Entertainment for example, you can bet on the next season of Game of Thrones or who will win best actor at the Oscars. Then there’s politics why not make some money from an election, politicians do.
There’s e-sports you can bet on if you really want, although I’ve often wondered what the appeal was. The list is over 30 strong with some sports becoming more popular like MMA for example. When it comes down to it though Ladbrokes sports choice is one of the best there is. Football is of course Europe’s most popular sport Ladbrokes sports betting reflects that. There are more options for football than anything else. That doesn’t mean that Ladbrokes racing heritage has been forgotten it’s just that there are more leagues than race meets. First let’s talk about the football coverage.

The Gentleman’s Game At Ladbrokes

Click onto the football tab on Ladbrokes site and you would be forgiven for thinking that there is another site dedicated to football. Ladbrokes layout for their site is different to most. There are over 30 countries/tourneys listed with some having several leagues. The layout is easy enough to understand with today’s matches listed first with two tabs for tomorrow’s and future matches. You get the fixtures with match odds on the left. They will have tabs to click for each matches markets on offer. Navigation is intuitive and easy. Bet slip follows you wherever you go of course.
The website is undoubtedly one of the best looking and easiest to use. The amount of markets available let Ladbrokes down a little. Their main rival WH will typically have around 250 markets for a top league game where as at Ladbrokes you would be lucky to get around 150. The odds offered are consistently top 5 so you will get a good price at Ladbrokes. Not to mention some worthwhile Ladbroke bonus promotions. Insurance on a five fold + acca will get you a free bet if one of your selections lets you down.
Ladbrokes like to toss in a few one offs for footie games as well, like free bets if the match is a draw. Or if more than 3 goals are scored a bonus on your winnings. These types of promotions are usually on selected top draw matches. Ladbrokes don’t just give bonuses for footie fans though they still love the nags.

The Sport Of Kings Is Still Where Ladbrokes’ Heart Is

Ladbrokes started life as a race horse agents back when horse racing was still mainly the sport of the aristocracy. They have always been a big part of the horse racing world and sponsor many events. When you visit their horse racing section online you just know that they take their racing seriously. This section is where Ladbrokes shine. Every race card you can think of. All Irish and UK meets are taken care of they also guarantee best odds at all these meets. While that’s not exclusive, their top rivals also guarantee this, it is a commitment. Then you look at the other meets Cologne, Valpariso and a lot more besides.
You can build your own race card stacking up your bets. Then you have the radio commentary on top of the live streaming and you realise that horse racing is in Ladbrokes blood.

There’s Now Even A Betting Exchange

Ladbrokes have taken the unusual step of adding a betting exchange to their website as well. So if you want to lay bets as well you can now take the action. This would have been unthinkable a few years ago it just goes to show how the industry has to evolve. Liquidity guarantees are in place but we have to say that Ladbrokes are no match for the competition when it comes to betting exchanges. But it is another way that Ladbrokes are expanding their portfolio.

Never Any Issues Getting Paid Or Being Safe

Ladbrokes have a huge reputation they want to keep it. They have been doing this in various ways now spanning three centuries now. When you look at it like that they look immortal. They are of course just a business but they are huge. They are bookies through and through. You will get paid if you win. Your money and personal details are safe. The company is as legitimate as a bookie can be. You won’t go wrong having Ladbrokes as one of your go to books.

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