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Energybet Known In The UK Maybe Not Else Where

Energybet are partners with Aston Villa and are the main sponsors of Leyton Orient. So punters in the UK will already know who they are. The rest of the world may not so here is a quick Energybet review to fill you in. Probe Investments are the parent company based in Malta they are a reasonably large entertainment company with a good turnover.
Some reviews say that Probe Investments run several casinos and sports books but as it stands at the moment we can only find one integrated site. There is a casino and a live dealer casino registered in Malta with the MGA and in the UK with the Gambling Commission. First impressions when you land on the site are very good. What a slick site. Yes it is grey and black but there is so much colour that you actually need the dull background.
In this day and age of churned out, template built sport books is nice to have something different. The layout is nothing like the pack. With a banner front and center with the offers and promos it is a bit marketing oriented but it’s different so it catches your eye. You hit the landing page and you will see what’s live at the moment and the current top five events. It takes a little bit of navigating but the setup is easy enough. The sports are not listed conventionally on the left you click onto the page from the header tab.
Then you have the sports listed in a big block. So click on your chosen icon and you get the list of events by country then by league if relevant. You can shorten this list using the 1, 3, or24hr tabs which to be fair are not much point but it’s a nice touch. There is a complete page explaining how to use the betting slip. Which like all good bookies is always there but it doesn’t scroll with the page. The functionality of the site is good once you’ve played around a bit with it. It is actually easier than some of the bigger sites to work. It’s not a generic site so it’s going to take a bit to get used to it but it was pretty simple.

Over One Hundred MarketsThe center is FootballLive In-Play BettingNot verified
not recommended
1 9.6 $122 Bonus Get the Bonus!
2 9.4 $130 Bonus Get the Bonus!

So It Looks Good But What’s It Like?

Firstly when it comes to an Energybet bonus you will need to be playing at the casino to get one. There is nothing currently on offer at the sports book. When it comes to bonuses and promos most are not worth having when you get down to the small print. But it is a key area where a bookies can stand out from the pack. Even a free bet is something but Energybet don’t even give you that. Which would be fine if they were the best at everything else but sadly they are not.
The odds they offer are OK favorites for an event are the same as the major players. Prices for the underdogs are at the low end of the middle of the pack. It’s not a big thing but just about every dog in a match up was worse than the competition. Little things put a damper on the whole but generally the prices are alright. The choice of sports available is the usual fare. There’s enough to keep an avid fan busy. But as is common these days there is no horse racing. It takes real commitment, knowledge and a full staff to run a race card.
Bookies can lose their shirt with just one mistake and UK punters know their stuff when it comes to the nags. It’s a shame because it is a definite negative not covering horse racing. The front and center is football. With over one hundred markets offered Energybet is in good company. You can even place a bet on pesӓpallo of course if you are into Finnish baseball that is.

Now For All The Boring Bits

If you are a sports fan that loves to gamble at any time anywhere then you are out of luck. There is no Energybet mobile app to download so you must log in from your browser. Not so good by the way! The Energybet live in-play betting service is middle of the road to be fair. The site in general suffers a bit of lag and this transfers to the live betting also. It’s a bit ironic as the site seems to be new and up to date yet it uses flash which is not at all up to date.
Then we come to the banking. Ther are more methods than you would ever need. There are some much underused electronic payment methods and also some country specific ones as well. The site seems to want to be a global player for sure. But make sure you use the method you want to withdraw with. It says quite clearly on the banking page that you will not be allowed to use another way. This next bit is a bit naughty Energybet claim that it is money laundering rules that prevent this. This is just not true, if you can prove the account is yours there is no law saying you can’t use it.
Then we have the withdrawal charges, each week the first one is free then €10 per withdrawal after that! Then we have the admin charge if you don’t use your funds to bet and want to withdraw 5% charge min €10. Now fair play to Energybet this is up front and not hidden and it is not the only sports book that charges. But it has to be a big negative. Customer service is a bit slack also. If you don’t have an account then you must wait for any questions to be answered via email. The live-chat needs a player login to work. All in all the site looks good and plays OK. There are some negatives to take into account though people.

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