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Favbet Not Quite But It’s Close

When you land on the Favbet site the first thing you get is colour. The layout of the site is pleasing to the eye with the main colour being blue it’s got a calm feel to it but the red and green lift it. It is obvious the site has football as its main sport.
The wallpaper is a collection of football team logos but the layout is very much standard online bookie fare. List of sports on the left fixtures and markets in the middle and the betting slip on the right. The middle of the page has events that are starting soon and also a section with the top bets with hot icons on some.
Also the multiple of the day is a feature too. It’s a nice touch. Let’s get into a bit more detail with our Favbet review.

Favbet shop PrizesSo Many MarketsMobile AppNot verified
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1 9.7 $130 Bonus Get the Bonus!
2 9.6 $122 Bonus Get the Bonus!
3 9.4 $130 Bonus Get the Bonus!

So Many Markets

As far as markets go wow, football definitely is the main sport here the top games have nearly 300 different bet you can make on them. Basketball is nearly as good with over 100 markets on NBA games. The company running the site has been in the bookie business since 1999. Not as long as some of the giants in the game but long enough to know a thing or two. And the thing that stands out most is the selection of bets is something that punters love. A true diehard football bettor wants to be able bet on the number of corners or leading at half time and not to win.
These are not the sensible bets professionals make but football fans do. This is what sports betting is all about you can tell however the main language is not English as it doesn’t read so well in places which takes a shine of the professionalism. The odds offered are firmly in the right area. There are no standout excellent prices but there’s nothing shocking either. The list of sports available is good but no horse racing. There is of course the casino and live casino if you must have those hands of blackjack between events.

No Welcome Bonus But A Decent Loyalty Package The Mobile Coverage Is Not Bad Either

When you sign up to Favbet you don’t get any free bets or bonus cash to wager with. No, the Favbet bonus system is loyalty based. For every bet you make you get awarded points, these accrue and depending on your status level can be exchanged for prizes from the Favbet shop. There are draws for cash sums in the tens of thousands as well.
There is a very comprehensive explanation of the system on the site. Yes you do need to wager a fair bit but it’s a nice system. When it comes to the mobile set up there is a choice download the Favbet mobile app for Android devises or use the browser version of the site. The app is rather good, there’s a fair bit of bigging it up on the website but to be honest its just a mobile app nothing special it works. The mobile browser site is much the same you get less functionality but it works.

That’s All The Nice Things To Say Folks – Now Comes The Not Favbet

Now we get to the not so good stuff the licensing of Favbet is murky to say the least. Another company with a sublicense from Antillephone NV. The company claims to have been a bookies for 18 years but the sub- license is only a couple of years old. The problem is there is no way to check any of this the Curacao government department involved just issues business licenses. There is no regulatory body at all. This isn’t even a first-hand license.
Then we get to the shady morality part. The website proudly displays its membership to Federbet the Belgium based anti-match fixing organization. Federbet has taken its own share of criticism in recent times but if you take it on face value it is a force for good. So why then do you have a bookies that wants to clean up the image of the industry promoting illegal activity? Favbet actively promotes Russian and Ukrainian punters to break theirs countries laws. There is a download for desktops that they claim is guaranteed to circumvent the blocking put in place by the authorities. This is taken directly from the website.
‘The app with a guaranteed access to is available for Windows 7/8. After you install the app on Windows, you can place a bet on any sports, even if you are currently in Russia with Federal Supervision Agency for Information Technologies and Communications restrictions being in force. Welcome a boundless betting world with FavBet app for Windows!’.
This is not the actions of a bookie that has the moral high ground! Then we come to the increasing chatter in forums. Mixed it must be said a lot of recreational punters say good things about this Ukrainian bookmarkers. That’s the last known owners anyway. Then we get a lot of the semi pros and arbiters complaining of limits getting set very low and issues with paying out. Some go as far as calling them scam artists. This is probably going a bit far but there’s not a great deal you can find out about them.
The one thing you can find out is they have been victims to hacks on more than one occasion. The problems they caused are still being talked about. It has to be said that a lot of punters are very happy with Favbet and there’s not too many choices in Russia and Ukraine. The available markets and competitive odds make Favbet look very attractive to a lot of people. Go with caution is the best thing and tread very carefully. Any company openly encouraging customers to break Russian laws has to be a bit scary.

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