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Efbet The Balkan Bookies

If you happen to be Bulgarian then you will know all about Efbet. Running casinos and slots parlors all over the country Efbet is well established in Bulgaria. Known up until recently as Balkanbet online they rebranded to go for the European market as a whole.
The company name is Eurofootball ltd and is one of the biggest in the Balkans especially in its home country of Bulgaria. Being the biggest in Bulgaria is not too hard as there is not much choice. Bulgaria is one of few EU members that insists on gambling operations having one of their own licenses. This is not necessarily a bad thing but it does restrict competition and it is against the principles of the EU’s fair trading policies.
But this is not about politics this is an Efbet review, so what’s the site like and how good are Efbet as a bookies? Well unfortunately despite a revamp the website is just another template black and grey dull place to be. Sorry but why can’t there be some colour? Yes I understand that software is bought off the self so to speak but I know you can customize a lot of it.
Anyway the impact is far from spectacular for sure. Sports list on the left surprise surprise. Fixtures, odds and markets in the middle and the betting slip on the left. The setup is a little different with the Efbet live in-play games displayed on the left hand side below the betting slip. But all in all the first impressions are dull this site is the same as so many others. Nobody bothers with any brand identity any more.

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What’s The Score Then

Well the choice of sports is very much what you would expect from a Euro bookies 28 is standard. Standard is word that may get used a lot in this Efbet review because there’s not a lot that makes them stand out from the crowd that’s for sure. Unless you happen to be Bulgarian that is. Because the amount of choice there means Efbet rule. The welcome consists of an Efbet bonus of 25% deposit up to €100 this has a three times the deposit and bonus wagering requirements. Hmm not great. Let’s get down to the basics. So all of the typical sports are offered with a few exotics bets as well.
Like most online bookies these days there’s no horse racing or greyhound racing either. The reason for that is that it takes too much work. If you detect a hit of angst then you would be correct. Running a book these days is a simple thing sign up to the industry issued odds tables adjust for how much profit you want and bingo you’re a bookies. But offering prices on the nags or the dogs well that takes some skill and of course a workforce that has knowledge. Anyway enough of the rant back to Efbet. The site is a little slow to load but once it does there’s a simple set up that’s easy to navigate.
The odds are good especially if you live on the eastern side of the Balkans! Football is of course the dominant sport with over a hundred markets available to wager on. Which puts Efbet right up the sharp end only a couple of the mega bookies offer more. And at least one of the giants offers the same so Efbet is doing ok there.

Efbet Mobile App Outshines The Desktop

Once again we have a case of the mobile version looks better than the desktop. It is sadly true with so many this is the case. There is no Efbet mobile app it is straight from your phones browser and bang into the site. Now we are talking, it’s like the website was designed for a smartphone all along, the desktop was just an afterthought. No endless scrolling the format is great. The colours work well there is far less black and grey. The green stands out there’s enough yellow to brighten it all up.
The sports list is part of the header and actually stands out the icons pop. Why is it that the desktops look so boring yet the same site reconfigured for a smart phone looks so good? The mobile age I guess, but come on people the serious sports bettors still use their laptops. We don’t want sites that are boring. Anyway back to the review. The mobile site works as well as the desktop and looks far better! Efbet live In-play has localized priority you can bet on games around the world but you will get the closest to you come up first. This is a nice touch as a whole the Efbet live in-play betting is really rather good there are many sports to choose from with a ton of events at any one time.
The markets available rival the big guns and the prices do keep up.

Legal Regulated And Enough Banking Methods To Satisfy

Efbet has all of the usual e-Wallets and electronic banking methods you would expect from a European bookies. It also has a couple of Bulgarian exclusives. The company is licensed in Malts as well as Bulgaria so has double the regulations to comply to. Efbet has got a good reputation for paying out on time and in fact some withdrawal have been made in astoundingly quick times. There have been a few bad reviews of late and if you look at some they are really bad.
But as a whole Efbet has a good reputation. In summary it’s a shame the site couldn’t put a bit more effort into presentation because the bookies is actually not bad. If you live in the Balkans it is top fare. The odds are seriously competitive and the reputation for paying out quickly has to be a plus. All in all the looks let down a rather good online bookies.

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