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How to Find the Best Tennis Betting Sites

Tennis betting is one of the most popular choices when it comes to placing wagers on sports online. Many popular online bookmakers even offer exciting in-play betting tennis options that add extra dimensions to wagering, and as there are always plenty of games on which to place tennis bets, from large worldwide tournaments like Wimbledon to smaller matches, it is easy to see why this sport is such a common choice.
Whether you are a seasoned gambler or whether you are new to betting tennis represents a sport with great odds, especially when considering the less well known players. With the excellent tennis betting coverage that can be found today, it is possible to place tennis bets on both mainstream and more minor games. Here you can find out more about tennis betting strategy, learn about the types of wagers you can place and discover a basic guide to how to bet on tennis.

Top Tennis Betting Sites


Which are the Most Popular Betting Tennis Tournaments?

Although it is possible to place wagers on many different matches, there are some tournaments that are more popular for bettors than others. Some of the most commonly chosen include:
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These are the biggest and most elite tennis tournaments and therefore most punters will prefer to bet on these big name matches.

How to Bet on Tennis

If you need some tennis betting tips, this handy guide for how to bet on tennis may be of assistance. Here you can find out more about the most popular tennis bets, why they are popular, and what each means.

Match betting, as you might imagine, is a wager placed on the possible outcome of the game where the bettor will place a bet on whichever of the two players they perceive to be the strongest candidate. This is a popular form of tennis betting, especially if one of the players has a particularly good track record.

Betting on the outcome of an individual set is also a popular choice as it allows a player the opportunity to achieve a good outcome, even if they lose one of the games. This gives the bettor an improved chance of making a profit.

Betting on the outcome of a single game is another way to make a profit when betting on tennis. Perfect for those who are looking to make quick winnings, the results of this form of betting can be seen rapidly.

Those looking for a tennis betting strategy that offers the opportunity to turn a very quick profit should try point betting. Rather more of a distinct gamble than a strategists bet, this is a wager on which of the players will win a single point and obviously the outcome will be known very rapidly indeed. The general tennis betting tips for this type of wager suggest favouring the player who has the serve as they are 60% more likely to win the point.

Which Factors Affect Tennis Betting?

As with betting on any other type of sport, it is important to have a good understanding of the game itself and of the individual players. Without this basic grounding, it is impossible to give yourself the best chance of making a profit therefore you should invest the time to find out as much as possible about the tournament at hand and the individual contenders so that you will be able to make the right choices when it comes to placing a wager.

Those who offer tennis betting tips suggest that there are a number of factors which should inform your wagers. These include:

Whether the match is held on concrete, grass or clay can have an effect on the player’s performance. Some players are known to favour one type of surface or another and therefore this is an aspect which should be considered when placing a bet.

The recent form of both players should be taken into account before placing a wager on the outcome of any set or match. Just because a player was in excellent form last year, their recent games may not have been so successful. You should take the time to research how well both players have been performing in their last few matches before setting a wager.

Have either of the players been recently injured or are they still in recovery? Many players continue to compete, even when they are not in the peak of health and this will affect their success. Do your research thoroughly before placing your bet.

Even if it appears that one of the players should easily defeat the other, the expected outcome may not always come to pass. This is because sometimes two players’ styles are just not compatible. Therefore, you should look at previous occasions when the two players in question have played each other and assess which of the pair have had the best track record against the other. This will assist in informing your betting style.

How to Choose the Right Tennis Betting Site

Once you have decided that betting on tennis is a good choice for you, you need to find the right online bookmaker to register with. While many online sites exist allowing for betting on tennis, not all are created equal. Therefore you should make sure that you have chosen one with a reputation for reliability and trustworthiness. They should also offer the best value for money, with competitive odds as well as good bonuses and rewards for new and existing customers. You will also want to look at the security and variety of deposit and withdrawal methods on offer to choose one that offers your preferred option.
If you bear these tennis betting tips in mind, you stand a good chance of succeeding in making a profit as well as enjoying your pastime.

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