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Betonline A Sports Book Mainly For The USA

Let’s get this straight from the get go if Betonline didn’t take US residents as customers they would never survive. The rest of the world requires a lot more from a bookie than Betonline offers period. Betonline are in business to take clients from countries that don’t allow gambling. Why say this? Well it’s a simple case of comparison. But let’s start this Betonline review in a more positive way.
Betonline has been in business for a long time now and they have built up a happy client list. Their site is clean and looks easy to use, but it looks as if it could do with a face lift. The download version of the site is better but come on really a download nowadays? The whole thing feels like it is stuck in the early 2000’s at best. It’s not a market that is driving excellence for sure. Even the sites catch phrase ‘because you can’ sticks in the throat. The USA market is huge but so few take it on that are legit it is hard to know who is who.
But to be fair Betonline do seem to have a good reputation from their punters. They run a casino, live casino and a poker room so they have put up some capital.

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So What’s On Offer? – At Betonline Not a Lot

The choice of sports is not good of course American favourites are pushed to the top but even then there’s not a great deal of choice. Basketball for example is played around the world yet here only Germany and Argentina are offered as well as the USA. Only the NBA and the NCAA are represented none of the over minor leagues. European bookies offer better coverage of American games it’s not good. There’s a bit more hockey on offer but that is also pretty bad.
Then we get to football (soccer) the world’s most popular sport. Pah yes there’s a bunch of countries leagues in there. But the coverage is all over the place the functionality of the site is poor. That brings us nicely onto the fact that you can’t change the format of the prices decimal and fractional are offered but they don’t work all of the time and when they do you get the fractional still set up as an American version 110/120 for example. Now we come onto the markets available. There is no worse selection online period. Spread, moneyline and over/under total that’s it. Huh? Hockey, yes you get a few more but still not that many.
A saving grace maybe horse racing? Well if you count American pari-mutual betting. You see the marketing for the horse racing and you think ok this could be where it’s at. It even has its own page. Then you see all you get are the USA meets. That’s fine if that’s all you know. There’s a lot more gambling in the UK and Ireland meetings but horses for courses as they say. Then you go to the page and a first year graphic design student could better with a Macbook. The race cards look like they were written on a pre-school age piece of software.
If this is a premium site for Americans, we the rest of the gambling world, feel sorry for you. The book is squarely aimed at the American market and has not moved on for years by the looks of things. Functionality is bad the site is just not intuitive to work.

You Can Get A Betonline Bonus Though

The cherry on an otherwise very bland cake is you get a ton of bonuses at Betonline. The first is of course the welcome bonus this is a 50% deposit match up to $2500. There is a ten times turnover for wagering requirements and other terms and conditions. This is only for the sports book you can’t use it in the race book. The re-load bonus is not too shabby at 25% life time re-load. Then here’s a refer a friend bonus of $100 for every friend that signs up and gambles.
Even the Betonline live play has a free bet to start you off and also the first time you use Betonline mobile if you bet loses you get a free bet back. Then there are race book promos with 7% rebates and a free starter bet. The casino and poker room are awash with promos. The ironic bit is the casino and poker room are much better than the sports book but we are not reviewing them! Then we get to the fly in the ointment the bonus is only ever free bets not cash!

Betnline Have A Lot Of Big Names

There seem to be a lot of big name logos on the footer of the site. If these names are anything to do with Betonline then it gives them huge kudos. The problem is that for the rest of the world all we see is a very narrow field of bets. Squarely aimed at Americans yet Betonline takes clients from anywhere. The book is licensed by Panama. Which in the grand scheme of things means nothing! They have had some of the worse fraudulent gambling sites licensed by them. The thing is that Betonline have been around almost forever I mean look at the name. But they have become really complacent if the US were to ever blanket legalise online gambling Betonline would be at the bottom of the pack. Because you have to believe that the European wolves would tear them apart.
In summary if you are American by all means sign up and have a go with one of the few trustworthy sites that will take you. If you come from anywhere in the world that has legitimate online gambling don’t bother. You could find hundreds literally hundreds that are far superior.

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