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Asian Bookies: Betting Early In The East

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Sports betting sites in Asia offer an intriguing latticework of regulations, country-specific quirks and plump prospects to turn a profit. Ever wondered where the term Asian handicaps originated? They also come as an alternative to their European and American counterparts and perhaps present a fresh prospect to sports betting as a whole. Have a look-around and you will notice that these bookies focus exclusively on narrow markets because of the immensity of the available options. Local legislation is not so much of a bother and you can normally plunk down currency on sports. Difference between wagers here and elsewhere are boiled down to a handful. Note that European bookies also readily take on Asian punters.

What Makes Legal Asian Betting Sites in Asia Possible

Legality is an intricate thing to begin with. We will discuss a handful of countries in Asia that come close to bookies elsewhere in the world and then again have a few whimsical sides of their own. It would not be news to anyone that Asian markets spawn a great area and it is here we should note that unlike their European counterparts, Asian bookies tend to be more specific in their targeting.
On the other hand, Europeans tend to expand in Asian markets, rather foolhardily at that, which offers punters a great chance to amass winnings. Curiously enough, most Asian betting sites have their licenses issued from Isle of Man Government’s Gambling Supervision Commission and they tend to have their headquarters there.

You Speak My Language

This section will touch a bit on legislation again. In some regions, including Hong Kong, it would be illegal to bet on a website different from the local behemoth called HKJC. Then again, a number of punters keep a low profile, placing wagers at Asian betting sites or otherwise, which are not based in Hong Kong. Those bookies that will happily take Hong Kong punters onboard also offer customer care in both Chinese and English.
Things are even more interesting in Thailand where a handful of companies operate in Thai language as well as the local Thai Baht currency. Japan is also a cosseted market, with bookies offering support in the local language as well as currency. Still, when you pick an Asian betting site based on preference for the language, it may be worth dropping by the FAQ section just to double check.

Top Asian Bookmakers
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Asian Betting Sites Will Accept Your Punts in Various Payment Methods

Gambling in AsiaDepositing and withdrawing in Asia varies. For the most part, where regulations coincide with those elsewhere, in the United Kingdom for example, you will find yourself atop a pile of options. International e-wallets quite readily serve the teeming bettordom of Asia, with PayPal and Neteller leading the way. Interestingly, Neteller is banned in the United States and Canada, but it is a preferred way in Japan where debit/credit card deposits may come a cropper, the result of tightly controlled banking transactions. Vietnam is at the other end of the spectrum, with depositing and withdrawing solutions there being limited to a handful of local e-wallets. Singapore on the other hand enjoys the same privileges as the world’s top hotbeds for sports betting. Thailand is another popular destination where you can flick a flutter in a mild climate.

Cashing Out Your Earnings

Here is the funny thing about the Asian market. Bank transfer withdrawals seems to be a popular withdrawal method. It involves a runner who will swing by an office of whatever bank you have your account in and deposit the amount in person. It is a great way to keep a low profile. Then again, you need to be aware that in some countries bank transfers are subject to stricter regulation, especially if the local law prohibits it. Other than that, popular or/and country-specific ways of cashing out will work with the best betting sites in Asia.

Online Sports Betting Sites in Asia Love Neteller

We have said it before – Neteller is a sterling way to fund and logically withdraw from your account. It is particularly popular in Japan where banks tend to put the crack on transactions they find suspicious. So, it fills up the vacuum by guaranteeing that all transfers are carried out in earnest and the e-wallet partners with all major Japanese banks.
A NET+card is also available to account holders. The card may be issued in three currencies, including USD, EUR, and GDP, and it can be used for withdrawals at any ATM. To claim your winnings, simply go to the cashing out page of your Asian betting site and request a Neteller payout.

Skrill – Another Nifty Way to Settle Payments

Skrill used to be an e-wallet that disqualified you from welcome offers at most betting dens operating across Europe and elsewhere. No more, though. If you give their page a cursory flick you will note that there is a special section dedicated to several forms of gambling, including online casinos, poker and sports betting. A further break down reveals sign-up offers by bookie and category.
Skrill does not let the side up in terms of security and reliability. If it charges any fees, those are nominal and reflected in the terms and agreements of the Asian betting site you are browsing. Note that just with any other e-wallet, it may be excluded from both or either depositing and withdrawing methods at a bookie. Always make sure to double check to avoid disappointment later on.

Odds One Out

In Europe, the United States, Australia and elsewhere we are fairly accustomed to fractional, decimal and moneyline odds, otherwise known as American moneylines. And while it is true Asia makes good use of many of those, there are some country-specific ones that you may want to check out before plunging into the thick of the betting frenzy.

All this mincing of odds may appear a bit scary. It is your money on the line after all. But you need not fret unnecessarily. Most Asian betting sites allow you to adjust your preferred odds format. Failing that, you will always be notified how much you are wagering and how much you may win prior to confirming your bet. Better still, you can cancel a misplaced wager.

Asian Handicaps – Exotic Foreigners

Online betting sites in Asia know them simply as handicaps. For the rest of the world, there is Asian lurking just in front of the name. If you have been betting in most of Europe you are familiar with the most common type of punt in football known as 1X2, where each symbol indicates whether the host or guest team are slated to win. An X simply means a draw. What Asian handicaps do is to eliminate one of the possible outcomes. Another boon to Asian handicaps is that the bookies charges you a lesser fee on your bet.

The Boons Of Flicking Flutters at the Top Betting Sites In Asia

Gambling in AsiaThe upsides of going Asian are many. Bookies tend to be rather generous and allocate free bets to new users rather more readily than their counterparts elsewhere. Market variety seems virtually inexhaustible. Due to their abundancy, odds tend to present better opportunities for those bettors who are willing to walk the extra mile and survey their betting grounds more carefully.
Live betting is full spate and Asian handicaps have been borne on the surge of football, also called soccer. Because of their omnipresence, Asian betting sites find it necessary to offer highly competitive odds so that they may rivet your attention right off the start. The sports betting market in Asia is a greasy poll – bookies go up and they go down. Only the best remain in your betting view for long enough to become an integral part of your daily wagering ablutions.

More than a Land Unknown

Asian bookies, despite their apparent foreignness, tend to be very accommodating to punters from the United Kingdom and Europe. With an uncontested market variety, they easily overwhelm betting industries elsewhere. If you choose to join, you will find yourself with a juicier choice of pre-match and live options. All of this paired with the charm offensive of sports betting sites in Asia makes this terra incognita a fertile ground for your future betting exploits.